How do I sign up?

Using your iPhone download our app from the app store. You can sign up with an email or through Facebook. If you use your email address, you’ll need to create a password then tap ‘OK.’ Next, we’ll send you a verification email to get on the app. Be sure to use your iPhone when checking for our email, then tap verify my account’ in the email and you’ll be re-directed into the app. If you sign up with Facebook, you'll need to have the most current iOS software and be signed into your Facebook account.


How do I add my finds to the app?

Easy! Tap the ‘ + ’ icon in the lower tab bar. Your current location should appear automatically, but if not, tap the ‘refresh’ icon (circular arrow) to pull in the right info or edit as needed.  Be sure to add the place name. Next, take a photo. Then add a caption about why this place inspires you — wax poetic in 140 characters or less. Finally, choose a category (Architecture, Museums, Shops, Miscellany) and select the tags in that category that best describe your post. OK, you’re finished! Now just tap ‘post’ to share with the dsgnfix community.


Why are there no listings in my city?

We are launching in the NYC region first. If you don’t see any listings or pins on the map, we just haven’t visited your city or region yet. However, because our app features user generated content, you can put your community on the dsgnfix map by adding your posts - the places and experiences that inspire you.


Does dsgnfix work on Android devices?

Not yet! But never fear, Android functionality coming soon. Follow us @dsgnfix for the latest news.


How do I become a curator?

Currently, our dsgnfix team selects curators whom we think are the tops in various design-related fields. But as we grow our community, we’ll have opportunities for eagle-eyed users to become curators, too. Stay tuned! 


Why can’t I upload a photo from my camera roll?

Our app functions as its own camera and doesn’t draw from your camera role. Dsgnfix is all about being there — real time, real place. Our app lets you share inspiring experiences and places, but to do that you actually have to be on site. That allows our powerful gps technology to pull in the exact location and sync it with your new photo.


Can I add a filter to my photograph?

You read our minds! That’s coming in a future version of the app.


Can I edit or delete my post?

You can delete your post at any time, but you can’t edit (another feature coming soon). Ok, do over!


Can I ‘like’ and comment on someone else’s post?

You can like a post, but you can’t comment…yet ! That’s another feature coming soon.


Can I share a post on my social networks?

You can share posts, including images and captions, on facebook, instagram, twitter and by email. Set up sharing in the ‘settings’ section of the app.


Can I ‘follow’ my friends or other users?

Follow? Soon to follow! That’s another feature coming soon.


Can I filter the list of posts?

When we introduce the ‘follow’ function (see above) you’ll have the ability to filter the list of posts, allowing you the option to see only the dsgnfix users you follow or all users.


Why does the listing order of curators change every time?

Our app configures the content you see based on your current coordinates. This easily lets you find dsgnfix postings closest to your current location. The same goes for our curators list: the curator at the top of the list has shared a listing closest to where you are right now.


Can I see what other users have posted and liked?

Yes! Tap on that user’s avatar and you’ll see his or her posts and likes. Soon, you be able to follow those users, too.


Can I change my location to see what’s going on in another city or even another country?

Teleport? Yes, you can! In settings, you can change your location, and then plan your trip.


Do I have to enter my search every time i come to the app?

No, your search is saved until you change it. Each time you visit the app it will populate with new and interesting places, always displaying the closest to you first.


Why do I sometimes see a bunch of pins on my map and sometimes just one?

Well, there are two map views: detail view and list view. You’ll see only one pin when you tap the map icon from a detail view. When you tap the map pin when looking at the list view you'll see as many pins as are in that list.