dsgnfix is founded on the belief that design can only be appreciated through direct experience. It has been an exciting summer for dsgnfix as content on the app continues to grow throughout the NYC region and across the country. In July, we teamed up with friends and dsgnfix curators Allison Cross, Executive Director, Manitoga, and Stephen Talasnik, artist, to explore Manitoga first-hand and to learn about Stephen’s site specific sculpture, Sanctuary: An Installation of Aquatic Architecture.

Manitoga is Russel Wright’s mid-century home and woodland garden in Garrison, NY in the heart of the Hudson Highlands. Allison shared the story of Manitoga, a 75-acre property where Wright built his experimental home in the early 1950s, designing it to be both harmonious with nature and an exploration of new materials. He sited his home on the rim of former stone quarry, transforming the quarry into a natural pool by diverting a mountain stream. Inspired by this pool and the amphitheater shaped quarry, Stephen Talasnik, Manitoga’s 2015 resident artist, created a constellation of floating sculpture, Sanctuary, which will be on view through November 9.

Beyond the site itself, tour guests enjoyed hearing Stephen discuss his other sources of inspiration -- Far-Eastern art and architecture, his affinity for and the surprising durability of natural materials, and his concept of “designing in a power failure” using ratios and intuition instead of measuring tools and blueprints.

It was fantastic to gather with dsgnfix curators, partners and friends to experience Manitoga and Sanctuary. Conversations seeded during the tour continued over a reception generously hosted by Manitoga. Thank you Allison! We’ll be back!

Sanctuary: An Installation of Aquatic Architecture is on view at Manitoga through November 9: http://www.visitmanitoga.org/artist-residency-talasnik/

 Find more information about Stephen Talasnik here: http://www.stephentalasnik.com

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